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Automatic Standby Generator Specialists in New Jersey

Generators New JerseyControl your power, control your life. Stand up to unpredictable weather and unforeseen outages with the most trusted name in standby power systems. In the last 30 years weather related disasters have tripled. In 2011 alone there were 12 severe storms resulting in an estimated $50 billion in damage. Be proactive and ensure that your home is protected. When the power goes out, your Generac generator goes on – providing a carefree lifestyle.

It is a lot more cost efficient to plan ahead of time and protect yourself and your belongings. Don't wait for the storm to knock out your power for days. Don't wait for your sump pump to fail. You may loose refrigeration for days, spoiling all of your food. Your place of business may be forced to shut down without power causing you to loose thousands in profits. Protect the elderly and those with medical problems that would benefit tremendously from the protection of a home generator. These generators run off of natural gas – alleviating any worry of a battery backed up device failing. Have a peace of mind and the power to live.

Know Your Product

Generac's new product offerings feature the latest innovations in user-focused product design. They take pride in listening to the needs of the customer, the same standards that we hold at Light It Up Electric. Always striving to keep up with the latest technology, Generac continues to make changes to a product that is already the best in the market. So, you ask, what has Generac done lately to improve on their products?

  • Evolution controller – The dual line multilingual LCD display allows for easy monitoring of history and maintenance logs as well as the management of generator functions.
  • Third Party Fire Testing – The Southwest Research Institute, one of the oldest and largest independent applied research and development organizations, has independently certified, listed and labeled the Guardian Series generators as meeting National Fire Protection Association requirements for installation within 18" of a home's exterior wall.
  • Operation at Low Natural Gas Fuel Pressure – The Guardian Series is the only home standby generator that can operate on natural gas fuel pressure as low as 3½" of water column. This makes it ideal for use in municipalities with low natural gas pressure.
  • Tool-Less Fuel Conversion – Switching between natural gas and LP fuel on the Guardian Series requires no tools, and can be done in mere seconds.
  • New Load Management and Transfer Switches – The smarter transfer switches feature improved load management for easier, more cost effective installation. A new 300A service entrance rated switch is available, with smart switches available up to 800A.
  • Re-engineered Connection Points – To minimize installation time, costs, and errors while accommodating current and future electrical code interpretations, Generac re-engineered many wiring connection points within the generators and related smart transfer switches. We also modified the enclosures to make it easier to connect wiring and fuel supplies.

Mobile Link

Mobile Link is the affordable new cellular remote monitoring system that gives customers peace of mind, by allowing them to know the status of their generator anywhere, anytime, using their computer, tablet or smartphone.

When the generator experiences a change in status, Mobile Link sends the update to, which pro-actively forwards that information via website, email or text message – automatically.

    Reliable. Affordable. Easy.
    Mobile Link's cellular-based technology offers significant advantages over existing alternatives:
  • Lowest cost of any cellular monitoring solution
  • Cellular technology provides broad nationwide coverage without complicated setup or maintenance
  • Installs in less than 15 minutes and remarkably easy to use

Timely Notifications provides over 40 different generator notifications, including successful exercise, maintenance reminders, change in status, low battery, and faulty equipment alerts. Users select which notifications they want to receive and when, at up to four different email addresses and four text message accounts. Maintenance alerts can also be sent to authorized service or maintenance providers so they can pro actively provide professional support. features a user-friendly dashboard which allows customers to:
  • View current generator status and upcoming maintenance needs
  • Remotely set exercise schedule
  • Review run and maintenance histories
  • Get local weather updates
  • Change messaging settings

Premium Features

Premium features are standard for the ultimate standby generator. Thanks to its low speed engine, it's so quiet you will forget you even own a generator until you need it.

  • Low-speed, automotive-style, liquid-cooled engine runs at only 1800 rpm during a power outage for a substantially quieter generator, greater fuel efficiency, and longer engine and alternator life.
  • Super quiet, super efficient, trademarked Quiet-Test mode for a weekly test mode that's quieter than other brands, consumes less fuel and helps make your Generac generator the most environmentally friendly on the market.
  • Standard aluminum, all weather enclosure provides the ultimate protection from the elements. Aluminum's natural corrosion resistance prolongs the life of your generator and is recommended for salt air, coastal locations.

What Can Automatic Backup Power Provide for Your Home During a Power Outage?

    • Lights
    • Televisions
    • Security systems
    • Computer systems
    • Telephone systems
    • Emergency fire alarms
    • Automatic gates
    • Refrigerators and freezers
    • Life-saving medical equipment
    • Washers and dryers
    • Stoves
    • Air conditioners and heaters
    • Hot water tanks
    • Garage doors
    • Sump pumps

It is important to note that if you choose to buy a Generac generator in order to keep the manufacturers warranty you are required to have your unit installed by a certified Generac dealer. Light It Up Electric technicians are certified to install Generac generators and have experience doing so. We stand by our commitment to excellence on every installation. If repairs are needed the generators are designed to be easily accessible for repairs. While the world around you is chaotic, keep your home safe and secure and feel comforted knowing that you have a Generac automatic standby generator to back you and your business up.

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