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Interior Service Agreement Plan

$15 per month

Your home’s interior electrical wiring system includes a number of intricate parts, all of which deteriorate over time.  In this Interior Service Agreement plan, the troubleshooting and/or replacement of your interior electrical components, included but not limited to, light fixtures, outlets, switches, ceiling fans, bathroom ventilation fans, attic fans, indoor jacuzzi and hot tub outlets, smoke and carbon detectors and doorbells are included. If a problem arises, finding an electrical company that does quality work can be time-consuming and expensive. When you purchase an Interior Service Agreement plan, you get the peace of mind that you will be receiving quality electrical work by technicians who are familiar with your home’s history. You also will not have to incur any unexpected expenses because, let’s face it, home repairs always end up happening at the most inconvenient times! It will be a quick but thorough process and you will be back to normal in no time.

How Does It Work?

The first step consists of visit to your property to assess the current condition of your interior electrical system. At that time the technician will observe and diagnose your system and complete a Verification of the interior electrical components of your home which includes taking photographs of the items. The client will then review and execute the Verification and the technician will discuss the findings with you. You will later receive an official letter outlining the specific electrical components that were tested and their current condition along with a copy of the Verification that was executed at your assessment. Please note that if, at the time of the initial property assessment there are existing interior electrical components that do not meet the standards of the current National Electrical Code (NEC) those items will need to be repaired prior to including them onto your Service Agreement plan. Any clients who purchase a Service Agreement plan will receive a 10% discount on their preliminary repairs. In addition, you will also receive a 10% discount on any electrical repairs that are outside of the scope of your Service Agreement plan, for as long as the plan is active. There is a nominal fee of $200 for the diagnosis and assessment, which is required prior to entering into any Service Agreement. Remember to always check the “Specials” tab for discounts. When a problem arises with your exterior wiring system it can be identified by:
  • A power outage;
  • Exposed electrical wires;
  • Signs of fraying wires;
  • Flickering lights;
  • Burning or hot outlets and/or switches
  • Tripping breakers
Once your Interior Service Agreement plan is in effect and your interior electrical wiring breaks down, you will call in and schedule an appointment with one of our qualified technicians. We will come out and perform the troubleshooting to determine the issue with your system and replace the component, if necessary, all free of charge. If it is determined that you have a wiring issue, the technician will explain everything to you while they are on site and you will receive an estimate for any additional repairs that may be needed within 48 hours. If you choose to move forward with any repairs, that are not covered under your Service Agreement plan, you will receive a 10% discount just for being a client.

Interior Service Agreement Plan

$1,000 annual benefit limit
Month to month billing; 10% discount if paid annually
Miltiple service calls allowed



Not Included

Replacement/Troubleshooting of interior lightfixtures including recessed lights, vanity lights,pendant lights, track lights, surface mount lights,pull chain lights and chandeliers
Replacement/Troubleshooting of interior standardand gfci protected outlets
Replacement/Troubleshooting of deck lighting
Replacement/Troubleshooting of interior switch
Replacement/Troubleshooting of ceiling fan
Replacement/Troubleshooting of bathroom ventilation fans
Replacement/Troubleshooting of attic fans
Replacement/Troubleshooting of outdoor switch
Replacement/Troubleshooting of indoor jacuzzi and hot tub outlets
Replacement/Troubleshooting of outdoor jacuzzi and hot tub outlets and disconnects
Replacement/Troubleshooting of smoke detectors and carbon detectors
Replacement/Troubleshooting of doorbell
Any wiring damage determined by troubleshooting will incur additional charges to repair. Service Plan clients receive a 10% discount.
Light fixtures and bulbs are the responsibility of the homeowner
Replacement/Troubleshooting of cable and telephone lines
Replacement/Troubleshooting of appliance lines
Replacement/Troubleshooting of electrical service items including the electrical panel and circuit breakers


There are some exclusions to this Interior Service Agreement plan which include troubleshooting/repairing/reconnecting electrical panels, troubleshooting/repair/replacement of sub-panels (including those that operate jacuzzi, hot tubs and indoor pools), and troubleshooting/repair/replacement of circuit breakers. Installation of new electrical components are not included. Appliance wiring failures are not included. Cable and telephone line wiring failures are not included. In instances where the replacement of a light fixture or ceiling fan is required, the client is responsible for providing the light fixture/fan and bulbs (including floodlights). Issues that arise from faulty/deteriorating wiring are not included and will incur additional costs. Damage that arises from accidents, negligence (caused by client), others or unusual circumstances is not included in this plan.

If you are in need of a New Jersey electrician, please contact Light It Up Electric at 855-333-9354 or feel free to complete our online request form. Always keep in mind that we will beat any written estimate by 10%.