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Panel Upgrades & Home Safety In New Jersey

August 1, 2017 at 7:03 pm | Category: Residential Electrical

electrical panelOlder homes in New Jersey could very well have outdated electrical panels and wiring systems, especially if the electrical system has aged beyond about 15 years. Every New Jersey residential electrical panel will need an upgrade at some point in time. New safety ordinances may dictate that you should upgrade your panel. You may also need a panel upgrade if you are installing new lighting, a heavy appliance, hot tub, spa, or pool equipment. The panel can be inspected and if necessary, upgraded by a reliable New Jersey electrician.

The electrical panel houses and distributes the wiring that connects to the main power line to your home. This is where they all meet and get routed to different circuits. You may know them as a breaker box, rather than a panel. They are also called service panels. No matter what term you use, it’s important to know that you should have your panel upgraded about every 10 years. You may also need a panel upgrade if you are remodeling or adding electrical systems onto the home.

Why Should I Need A Panel Upgrade?

You’ll want to upgrade your New Jersey’s home electrical panel for many reasons. Today, we use a lot of electronics and devices along with all types of large appliances, which puts a hard load on old electrical panels. Older homes were built for those times when we didn’t have all these electronics and appliances.

We plug in so many things that we regularly try to use extension cords and power strips just to get more outlets. But this means the circuits that you are overloading begin to have problems in sufficiently supplying reliable power. For instance, have you’ve ever turned on your microwave and seen your lights flickering or hear the microwave fluctuating? If so, you are overloading that circuit.

As your electrical system ages, the wiring has a way of working loose at the connections. With wear, the insulation can get cut, rubbed off or loose. This leads to sparks, shock, or fires. The panel breakers should work properly, but things will happen as the connections and wiring age. Some homes have had renovations or remodeling done in the past without panel upgrades. Adding on without upgrading the panel can cause breakers to frequently trip as you overload the electrical system.

  • Constant Breaker Tripping
  • Flickering Lights
  • Power Surges
  • Burning Smells
  • Smoke
  • Arcing and Sparking
  • Hot Outlets or Devices

Some situations will demand that you replace the wiring. Problems include frequent breaker tripping, shock, and fire which are caused by old faulty aluminum wiring, faulty installations, and faulty repairs. If the home you own in New Jersey has ever gone through renovations or remodeling, you may have to deal with these issues as well as a panel upgrade.

Who Can Help You With Panel Upgrades

If your New Jersey home needs an electrical panel upgrade, Light It Up Electric, LLC can do it for you at very competitive rates. You’ll have a free estimate after we assessed your panel and wiring needs. If you’re concerned at all about your panel or have any problems with power, please call our professional electricians to take a look at it soon.

  • Panels over 10 years old
  • Panel is too small for increased demands
  • Existing service rated for only 60 amps
  • 100-200 Amp service demands
  • Homeowner’s insurance requirements
  • No main breaker for emergency shut downs
  • Requirements for Home Inspection for Selling

At Light It Up Electric, LLC, we are the local New Jersey electricians who can take care of all your electrical needs. This includes repairs, panel upgrades, new generator installations, wiring replacement, outlet replacements, and so much more. Our company has provided exceptional service to customers in New Jersey and will work hard for you.

We provide top rate services, have all the technology and skill to handle any type of residential electrical service you need. Panel upgrades are vital for homeowners who haven’t had electrical systems upgraded in some time. Let us come evaluation your panel to assess your electrical and safety needs today.

If you are in need of a New Jersey electrician, please contact Light It Up Electric at 855-333-9354 or feel free to complete our online request form. Always keep in mind that we will beat any written estimate by 10%.