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Don’t Forget the Landscape Lighting for your New Jersey Home!

April 28, 2015 at 8:25 pm | Category: Landscape Lighting

Landscape LightingWhen you purchase or rent a home that is new to you, it’s often a really exciting time of life. The new area, the new home, possibly new job and schools for the kids, all create a atmosphere of mystery that surrounds a new chapter in our lives.

The new home, in particular, is special to us because we picked it out of several options we had when we were looking for some place new. It stood out amongst the rest for reasons only we understand and know, and at the time we see it, we know it will best suit our needs for now and likely our needs for the future.

Our new house has a lot to offer us, but it’s very improbable that it provides exactly everything we need…even though at first we feel like it does. Many times, it’s the little things that are missing or need to be changed, which we may even know about but end up deciding they aren’t worrysome enough to choose a different home. Since most of the home offers everything we’re looking for, we can always make a few minor tweaks later.

Landscape lighting is many times left out of the home’s design plans, leaving it a matter of customization for later down the line or for the next homeowner. In general, there will be some outdoor lighting, but most often it can be a far cry from what the property really needs.

If you drive down many neighborhoods in the New Jersey area, you’ll see that this is true because only a small percent have landscape lighting that goes beyond the normal porch and driveway lights. Which means many homeowners don’t put much thought into upgrading the landscape lighting. Yet the additional lighting could add value, security, and much needed aesthetic appeal to the homes.

One of the top reasons homeowners add the additional landscape lighting elements, like sidewalk lighting, is so the home increases in curb appeal. But at the same time, the homeowner is also adding the ability to enjoy the outdoor areas of the property at night time. Walking down a sidewalk at night time when it’s dark isn’t exactly welcoming, especially if you’re wanting to use it to connect other areas of the hardscape you need to get to.

Making better use of the outdoor areas at night gives you many more options for spending time outside your home when friends and family come over or if the kids just want to go outside to entertain themselves after dark.

Pathway or sidewalk lighting isn’t the only option you’ll have when upgrading your landscape lights. You can add lighting for several areas for many reasons:

  • Highlighting
  • Silhouetting
  • Shadowing
  • Wall-washing
  • Up Lighting
  • Moonlighting
  • Down Lighting
  • Accenting
  • Path Lighting

Whether you’re adding light to see down a walkway or adding some flood lighting to light up a garden area, you’ll be upgrading the home and adding to the curb appeal. That’s what makes landscape lighting such a great idea for your home. Give us a call at Light It Up Electric LLC, and we’ll help you make a plan for your landscape lights that you love as much as you love your new home!

If you are in need of a New Jersey electrician, please contact Light It Up Electric at 855-333-9354 or feel free to complete our online request form. Always keep in mind that we will beat any written estimate by 10%.